Flavors & Packages

Mr. Snowball can bring enough resources to accommodate any size group. One machine and two workers can produce 400 snowballs in one hour.

Our snowball machine is mounted on a wheeled cart and is easily stationed anywhere electricity is provided or a generator is available.

There is NO mess and everything is supplied! All you do is enjoy!

Parties include 10 delicious flavors; 7 regular, 2 cream, 1 sugar free flavor plus condensed milk.

Flavors List
Chocolate Wedding Cake Strawberry
Bubble Gum Pina Colada Sour Apple
Grape ICE Cream Nectar
Sugar Free Strawberry

Condensed Milk
Cheesecake Stuffing $25 per pan
Popcorn Machine Rental $50

Cup Sizes

Event Packages
1 Hour
 50 Snowballs
1-1/2 Hours
 100 Snowballs
2 Hours
 150 Snowballs
3 Hours
 200 Snowballs

We can customize the above event packages to meet any customer 's needs.

Extended event times are also available. Please call for your customized package pricing.

Ask us about our adult snowball parties!